Whenever we open the words of God and filter it through the words of man we handle the most precious thing this world can hold. My own personal vision is to make the word of God understandable and applicable to people hungry for its message.

Few things thrill me more than to preach the whole gospel and see people discover or deepen their personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that preaching should be ‘logic on fire’.

A blend of careful reasoning from the scriptures and the dynamic of the Holy Spirit is one I try to maintain both in preaching and in worship as I am convinced that the Bible is powerless without the Spirit and spiritual expression is mere froth without the bedrock of the Word. I believe that God’s blessing flows when the Word and the Spirit are brought together.

I pray the teaching on this site will inspre you to follow Jesus Christ by unpacking God’s word to iinspire your own soul.

Inviting Ian to speak

I have for 35 years been regularly preaching at chirches and teaching on conferences. If you would like me to speak please …


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